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        Company profile


        Bioda Diagnostics (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is situated in Wuhan Optical Valley Biolake which is a national biological industry base in Wuhan. It was officially established in 2011 and mainly engages in research and development and industrial production of high-tech biological technology project. Bioda immune detection system and auxiliary diagnostic reagent developed by the company satisfy essential conditions of point of care testing (POCT), such as “Easy to Operate and Rapid, Quantitative and Whole Blood Detection”. All products are independently developed by the company with independent intellectual property rights reserved. The company has been rated as a high-tech enterprise for twice.

        The company has a professional R&D and production management team with abundant experience and standardized 100,000-level clean workshop in Wuhan national industry base, and has introduced advanced production equipment and inspection instruments in the world so as to make sure of product quality.

        The company has been devoted to R&D and industrial production of high-tech biological technology project and established Bioda immune detection system industry platform based on Wuhan Optical Valley Biolake and policy advantages. The company is determined to be a representative high-tech enterprise for IVD reagent in the world.

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