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        Home >> Instruments >> Bioda Mini immunochromatographic analyzer
        Bioda Mini immunochromatographic analyzer



        1. Volume: Length: 200mm; width: 150mm; length: 60mm; weight<500g;
        2. Small and exquisite and easy to carry; able to be detected outside or in a mobile way (ambulance);
        3. High stability and precision; machine to machine deviation is less than 2%;
        4. Chinese and English operating system;
        5. Smart touch screen like smart phone that is easy to operate
        6. Bar code identification function, automatic scanning recognition item, lot number, period of validity and parameters;
        7. Two detection modes: no more than 12min for routine detection and 5s for rapid detection.
        8. Built-in power supply that can be used to detect more than 100 samples in case of outage;
        9. Built-in printer that can be used to print detection result immediately;
        10. Connected to computer, thus data can be transmitted between the instrument and computer immediately;
        11. Connected to BIoda information management system and hospital LIS system; print regular hospital report;
        12. Connected to computer so as to realize telemedicine;
        13. Bulk memory that can store more than 100,000 data;
        14. Data search function that can accurately search historical data;
        15. Complete detection indicators and able to detect markers such as NT-proBNP, PCT, cTnI, Myo, CKMB,D-Dimer,HFABP, PTH, Hs-CRP

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