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        • Name: Procalcitonin (PCT) test kit

        Product description:

        The product can be used with Bioda immune detector to quantitatively detect procalcitonin in human whole blood, plasma and serum, and it can provide reference for the auxiliary and differential diagnosis of systemic bacterial infection and sepsis.
        Early diagnosis of bacterial infection
        Differential diagnosis of sepsis
        Infection severity assessment
        Evaluation and monitoring of antibiotic efficacy

        Detailed information:

        Bioda Procalcitonin produced by our company is an in vitro diagnostic reagent for the detection of procalcitonin in human whole blood, plasma and serum.

        Procalcitonin (PCT) has the same sequence as calcitonin propeptide protein (32 amino acids), including 116 amino acids. Procalcitonin selectively reacts to systemic bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections, but has no or only mild response to aseptic inflammation and viral infections.

        Procalcitonin provides help and support for the differential diagnosis of all inflammatory diseases of unknown etiology, such as bacterial and toxic acute adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), biliary and toxic pancreatitis, bacterial and viral meningitis, microbial induced fever and non-bacterial fever, especially fever of unknown origin (FOU), viral infection or acute bacterial infection under autoimmune disorder and immunosuppression, and the etiology of fever. Clinical research has proved that PCT is of a high value in diagnosis and treatment guidance in different medical fields. Compared with the current diagnostic indicators, PCT provides additional information in differential diagnosis and control of infection and severe inflammation.
        Reaction time: 12 min
        Detection range: 0.1-50ng/ml
        Clinical significance: diagnosis of systemic bacterial infection and  sepsis
        Applicable departments: Outpatient Department, Emergency Department, Cardiology Department, Thoracic Surgery Department, Ambulance, Ward, ICU, Geriatrics Department

        Interpretation method:

        PCT concentration (ng/ml)



        No bacterial infection


        Possible systemic infection


        Systemic infection or sepsis


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